Top 3 Reasons Why Costa Rica is the Hottest Deep Sea Fishing Destination in the world

deep sea fishingAre you a deep water fishing fanatic? Do you have the zeal to go beyond your limits to chase your catch and win the sports crossing over all barriers? Then Costa Rica is your Mecca to enjoy the every single moment fishing throughout the vacation when you are here in this beautiful, sunny Central American destination.

We have top 3 reasons to classify the Costa Rica to be the fisherman’s paradise to win the greatest catch because you will get the- #1-Pacific – the largest ocean on Earth, boasts for its plethora of natural habitats including the largest herds of big fishes, #2- Particular destinations to track specific species, #3- The ideal destination for both vacationing and fish sporting.

1- What to catch in the Pacific!

Besides simple angling, if you are passionate about deep sea fishing Costa Rica, let us tell you, this is an all- season sport for you as the vast Pacific here swims herds of seasonal fishes throughout the year, though some of the best catches have a definite time. Some of the Pacific’s favorite species are the famous Sailfish, Tuna, Grouper, Snapper, Marlin, Dorado, and the Roosterfish. Get more info if you click here.

If you are aiming to get those, make sure you have consulted the Costa Rica sport fishing calendar to enjoy the best fishing experience every time. But if Jack, Tarpon, Kingfish, Mackerel, and Snook are what you are focusing on, for your information, these are not the Pacific’s breeds. Get these herds in the Atlantic and few of those also nests in the mighty rivers but not in the Pacific.

2 -Places where you will fish

To experience the deep sea fishing Costa Rica you should chalk out a few hotspots considering the planning to catch. From the updated Costa Rica deep sea fishing calendar and the search engines, you can get the best information of the seasonal catches, weather, things you need and every single technological detail of the rods and the process to manage the big fish catches and so on.

deep sea fishing central america costa ricaTrap the top-quality Sailfish and Marlin in Los Suenos. At Quepos, enjoy fishing the perfect Tuna. Flamingo and Tamarindo ranks high for breeding Roosterfish, Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Tuna etc. For the best inshore fishing in the whole Costa Rica, your best pick will be the Drake Bay in the Osa Peninsula. Charter a boat for at least two and a half days and enjoy the amazing journey and the inshore fishing at the tranquil island locale. Rio San Juan and Rio Colorado laying across the Atlantic Coasts for which you can be one of the lucky fellows to catch the greatest Tarpons weighing average 80 lbs.

3- Vacationing & best fishing in Costa Rica

Blessed by 1,290 km stretching coastline, Costa Rica is the perfect getaway for the adventurous vacationers who love being a part of the water sports, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, scuba fishing besides- camping, hiking, trekking, and other adventures.

As the Pacific is the main highlight- you can team up with your friends and partner to enjoy the best of the deep sea fishing Costa Rica and get a charter boat for the best fishing trip in Costa Rica. These boats are armored with all the things you need for the catch along with the well furnished interiors, great music, food and drinks to enjoy the 2-3 days when you are out to fish.
Choose your season and enjoy the best of deep water and inshore fishing only at Costa Rica.

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