Costa Rica Culture: Since the Spanish Colonization Until Today

costa-rica-cultureVerdant isles, breathtaking nature, Azul water, pristine and far stretched white sand beaches, and beautiful smiling faces everywhere define Costa Rica. Today, this amazing Central American country is a home of the pre-Hispanic natives as well as many across the globe migrated here to start a fresh new life or pura vida in the heart of nature. If you are looking forward to take a trip to Costa Rica, get prepared with a few information including the people and Costa Rica culture out there.

Once dominated by the Spanish during their colonization from the 15th century, today many of their generations have stayed back in this island country along with the other immigrants from the African descendants, Asian, Libanease, Italians, Hebrews and many more. Their popular native people are Bribri, Cabécar, Ngöbe, Huetar Maleku, Teribe, Boruca, and Chorotega. But now all of them mingled together and live here harmoniously as Ticos- the beautiful name given to the Costa Rican inhabitants.

The Ticos are very proud and happy with their democratic tradition they are maintaining for over the last fifty years. This is a military-free country and no arms are kept. Instead, that money is used for the development of the livelihood of the people out here. The harmony and the social peace maintained by the Costa Rica culture are indeed an example to the rest of the world.

is-costa-rica-safeThus, this is one of the safest places on Earth for the solo vacationers. Even the women who are travelling by their own can move around alone anywhere even at night with utmost confidence. The Ticos around are amiable and are always happy to help the tourists not only as tourism is one of their primary earnings but also because of the peace and harmony the countrymen maintain.
Therefore, if you are new in Costa Rica, you can get new friends here who can help you in many ways such as by sharing the ideas to explore the finest cuisine here to getting into the right location to get the best snapshots.
So, prepare your trip to Costa Rica and get ready to witness the wonderful culture and the beautiful Ticos there!

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