5 Things To Do During Your Vacation In Nosara

picture of costa rica nosara beachAre you planning your vacation at Nosara in the Guanacaste beaches of Costa Rica? Then you are the on lucky chap this year! For the ultimate fun and a great holiday- Nosara is one of the most chosen beaches for those coming to Costa Rica. Besides several beach activities, there are lots to explore and experience in this Guanacaste beach by the North Pacific in Costa Rica.
Here are the top 5 Things To Do when you are vacationing in Nosara.

Among the hundreds of options, we have trickily shortlisted 5 Things-to-do in Nosara. Here, is the list for you.


surfing in nosara costa ricaEven the world-class surfers have agreed that that Nosara has the perfect waters to enjoy the best of the surfing experience. Hence, if you are a passionate surfer whether a pro or an amateur, opt for surfing here. If you are not well acquainted with this job, join the lessons offered at many resorts and beach clubs. You can also get the required surfing boards and other supplies from these stacks.

Sports fishing

Guanacaste’s Nosara Beach is the ultimate paradise to experience the sports fishing in the Pacific waters. Get the best facilities – including the charters, packages and the Nosara fishing report to stay updated with the latest catch records. Get the giant Snappers, Wahoo, Roosterfish and Billfishes from the offshore and onshore fishing in the saltwater.


yoga on the beach in costa ricaThere are multiple Yoga resorts at Nosara. They will offer you great breakfast and will teach you the healthy way of maintaining the lifestyle. By practicing yoga for a couple of days in these resorts, you can be able to control several diseases and including diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity and several other disorders. Yoga is the ultimate medicine to reduce stress. You can easily attend the yoga sessions in these clubs if you are stressed and depressed because of your personal issues, work pressure and from the daily tantrums of the city life.


Don’t miss out Puro Tico Tours here. Explore the verdant nature here. Don’t miss out the Playa Pony or Horse rides. If you enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving, Nosara is one of the finest places to exploring the underwaters.

Explore the Hotels and Restaurants

You can enjoy the B&B facilities in many hotels apart from the plush resorts. The restaurants here offer fine authentic Costa Rican cuisine along with other continental gourmets per the preferences of the guests.

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