4 Reasons Why Papagayo Is Our Ultimate Adventure Tour In Costa Rica

It is an undeniable fact that Costa Rica is a piece of heaven on earth. Why? Because of its opulence of natural treasures of flora and fauna, the thousand miles of coastlines, the warm people and the spectacular resources that can give the ultimate experience to anglers that love to spend hours on the ocean for their greatest catch. If you are a passionate fisherman or angler, missing the Papagayo fishing trips can be a matter to repent later on. Besides Quepos, Tamarindo, Los Suenos and Samara, Papagayo is one of the top listing destinations for the adventure tourists looking for the once-in-a-lifetime experience in the coastal belts of this Central American paradise.

golfo de papagayo

Here Are The 4 Top Reasons Why The Papagayo Area Should Be On The List Of Adventure Vacationers In Costa Rica

1. Full Day or Half Day Fishing Tours Available
Get a charter boat for the whole day or half day and experience the best Papagayo fishing from any beaches of the Gulf of Papagayo. Before going out for the offshore and onshore fishing, have a look at the calendars where it is clearly mentioned about the exact time of the fishes and its seasons. The guide there in the angler’s club or the fishing resorts can help you out too.
Don’t miss out all the nearby bays across the Santa Rosa National Park until you reach the Murcielago’s Islands. Here you can spend some time watching the animals, both marine and terrestrial that are preserved and protected in this biodiversity zone.

2. Tons Of Activities Available
You can contact one of your chosen service providers like OffShoreTrips that take the responsibility of arranging you a charter boat and will also be there on shore to provide a dependable customer support. In the Papagayo area, there are some great companies and clubs that arrange fun-filled adventure tours such as ATV tours, horseback riding, zip-lining and many more. Besides the offshore and onshore sports fishing, these adventures can be of great fun.

3. Famous For BillFish Hunting
Blue Marlin papagayoDue to its fertile water throughout the year, the Gulf of Papagayo is one of the best hubs for billfish hunts. You can set out for the Papagayo fishing trips for one or two days in a charter boat to get the biggest trophies weighing in between 80-150 pounds standards. The boats are equipped with food, great drinks, lunch arrangements, life jackets, snorkeling equipment, and all the required fishing tools. You and your group will have a great time fishing in this waters.

4. Enjoy The Relaxation Adventure
After one or two days of fishing onshore and offshore, you can spend some time relaxing on the pristine beaches. You can engage yourselves playing the beach volley, football, tuning, paddle games and can set out for a snorkeling tour or whale watching.
Don’t miss out the sunrise and sunset view from the heavenly beaches of Flamingo, Ocotal, Tamarindo, El Coco, Playa Blanca at Four Seasons and more while listening to the heavenly sounds of the waves and the chirping of the birds inhabiting at the Gulf of Papagayo.

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