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costa rica vacationsSo in this section it is where we are sharing with you info about  Costa Rica travel. In other words; everything that has to do with Costa Rica vacations. Next to the great fishing adventures, there is a ton of other stuff that you can do to entertain yourself in beautiful green Costa Rica. You will find some great Costa Rica travel tips here and other related topics about your trip to Central America.

You will be amazed of what this country has to offer. The Costa Rica tourism has been flourishing since the late sixties and has grown into one of the main pillars of the Costa Rica economy. Travelers from all over the world come here to enjoy the Costa Rica beaches that are scattered all over both the Caribbean and Pacific Coast Line. Next to being on the beach, the surf industry makes up a grand portion of the travel industry in Costa Rica. Surfers from all levels make a way to this country to drop the perfect waves that have traveled the ocean for thousands of miles to finally form a beautiful ride-able wave for the surfer waiting in the lineup.

costa rica canopyThere are many travel agents in the world and locally in that offer unforgettable Costa Rica vacation packages so you don’t have to worry about anything. Those packages include the nicest Costa Rica resorts in different areas of the country. Once here you will notice that Costa Rica is very diverse in its offerings. Did you know that Costa Rica has 16 ecological climates?

Eco tourism in Costa Rica is the magnet of all travelers. The Costa Rica flora and fauna is so unique that biologists that visit the country are only smiling and clicking away with their cameras.

costa rica slothThere’s just so much you can write about Costa Rica and what to do and see. You just need to browse through the posts and find out for yourself what appeals most to you.

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