Why Visit Costa Rica For The Ultimate Billfish Catching Experience

Do you have a passion to catch large and small sea fishes like Roosterfish, Dorado, Tuna, Wahi Wahi and Billfish? Then Costa Rica is your heaven to grab the best catch so far. Blessed with favorable weather and fertile water, the Central American country welcomes the finest and the passionate angler every year across the globe to enjoy the best of the offshore and onshore sportfishing experience. billfishing in costa ricaIf you haven’t been here yet, give yourself the opportunity to capture the largest Costa Rica billfish from the most predictable areas as mentioned in the fishing calendars.

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is listed among the world’s best sport fishing destinations because of its far stretched coastline of two oceans- the Pacific and Atlantic. Besides, the pristine lakes and rivers are also responsible for making the place favorable for the enhancing the fertility of the marine animals and especially the fishes. Costa Rica is presently one of the significant destinations for its ardent contribution in preserving the biodiversity.

The favorable nature has helped the place to harvest the best fishes in abundance. If you reach anytime of the year for your sportfishing expedition, you will not be disappointed. Maybe the different fishes have different seasons of growth, but because of the fantastic weather and favorable waters you can get the catch-all throughout the year. Even if you are wondering to catch the largest billfish of your life, maybe Costa Rica is the heaven for you that can help you in making your dream come true.

Besides billfish, you can also manage to fish Marlin, giant sailfishes, Tuna, Cubera Snapper, Roosterfish, Grouper, Dorado, and many more.

You don’t have to be a pro-fisherman to enjoy the billfish catching

fishing boat in costa ricaEven a novice fisherman can also fish here and also be a part of the sportfishing experience. Follow the list of what you will have to do as soon as you land in Costa Rica.

1.       Reach the destination where you want to enjoy the fishing such as Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Papagayo Gulf, Playa Flamingo, Tamarindo, Jaco and so on.

2.       After reaching there, contact the fishing club or the resort that will help you with the whole safari. You can consider the sports fishing trip to be an adventurous outing or a safari at the same time because you have to enter the rainforest zones for fishing in Costa Rica.

3.       The resort will help you choose a charter boat and all the accessories and tools you need for the fishing. If you are about to set out for faraway offshore fishing, you will have to plan for at least one and a half day and even more.
4.       The boat usually consists of the angling tools, a bathroom, a spacious room with a bar and kitchen attached. If you are lucky, you can get some good music. But more or less all the boats are equipped with the latest GPS technology to map you whenever you are out into the waters. And a walky-talky to get connected with the guide at the coast whenever you need an emergency help.

5.       Before, you set out for the voyage, make sure you are properly guided, and the boat has a manual to drive it and use the equipment during any emergency. Also, make sure you are well informed with the proper hotspots to target the catches. Carry the fishing calendar along with you.

6.       Plan your whole trip before you land in Costa Rica. Nowadays, you can avail the facilities online. After several hours of flight, this will be helpful for you. Along with booking a rent-a-car or a pickup service from the resort, plan the sports fishing trip beforehand to avoid any hassles later on.

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