Facts To Guarantee Why Costa Rica Is Your Ultimate Fishing Mecca

costa rica locationWith the Pacific on one side and Atlantic on the other, Costa Rica is one of the most ideal saltwater fishing destinations in the world. Each of the oceans harvests the exclusive fishes that you cannot catch in the other waters. Besides the fishes, this Central American country is well-known for preserving the biodiversity of the marine animals.

If you are keen to experience the best of sports fishing in the saltwater, nothing is comparable to the experience you can acquire in Costa Rica. The continent experiences excellent climate all throughout the year, which is why the local fishermen don’t presume any particular weather ideal for the catch. The warm climate of the Central American destination ensures that the country is best for sports fishing all throughout the year.

But yes, the calendars are published to provide the catches about the sizes of the catches and seasons for the foreign travelers at Costa Rica.  Therefore, if you ask when to fish in Costa Rica, you can get ambiguous answers. Instead, you can concentrate on what to catch or where to grab the best and the largest fishes in the Costa Rican waters.

In the Caribbean waters, you can get the best of the Snook and the Tarpon. This is a frequent catch here all throughout the year. The blue waters of the Caribbean Sea will give you access to plentiful of Billfishes, Wahoo, etc. At the river mouths, you can get the finest and the largest Spanish Mackerel, Dorado, Tripletail and Barracuda, etc.

big tuna catchTowards the North in the Pacific you can get the best of the Tuna flocking by the rocks, sailfish all throughout the summer and the fall. The central waters harvest the sailfish during the fall and all throughout the winter. If you are targeting to catch Snook or the largest Roosterfish, target the river mouth zones.

All round the year, you can focus on the Snapper and the Spanish Mackerel that are found in abundance in these areas. Dorado and Wahoo are found in these waters too. Remember that the southern regions are great to target the Roosterfish, marlin and the Sailfish during the following fall and throughout the winter in Costa Rica.

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