When is the best time to deep sea fish in Costa Rica?

Tuna fishing in costa ricaIf you haven’t fished in Costa Rica, you haven’t yet explored the paradise of offshore fishing. This is the ultimate destination for any fishing sport for the flat water Costa Rica experiences for most of the year and what the fishing guys want along with a crystal clear sky and cool weather throughout their voyage to the Pacific or the Atlantic. Yes, you got it right, Costa Rica is blessed with both the oceans and therefore, you can pick your catch according to the herds the seas carry.

Now here is the answer to your million dollar question – when is the best time to deep sea fish in Costa Rica? We have assorted the answer considering the popular catches that people come for in the Central American coasts.

Though, Costa Rica is ideal for offshore fishing throughout the year because of the migration patterns of the different fish species and the calm, deep water. That’s why you can consider this amazing destination to be an “All Season Fishing” spot; however there are also a few specific times for a few specific catches. For better understanding and knowledge- you can consult a Costa Rica fishing calendar.

The Hot Fishing seasons in Costa Rica – Take a look

Costa Rica Fishing Calendar

Marlin, Roosterfish, Sailfish, Dorado, Tuna and fifteen other varieties of fishes are caught any time of the year but if you are looking for the specific color and weight, you have to go through the calendar. Here we have some specifics enlisted.

Black Merlin
The best time to catch the Black Merlin is from April to August. May is the peak season for this catch. During this season, most catches weigh around 300 to 400 pounds, and the lucky ones can grip the 700 pounds if the Merlin God favors him.

Get the best catches from the sailfish herds migrating to the ocean from April to September every year. You can catch sailfishes weighing 90-110 pounds.

If you are planning offshore fishing to get hold of the largest roosterfish, choose the Pacific coasts in Costa Rica. This is a year-round fish that stays in the calm water. Catch the trophy sizes weighing in between 60 to 80 pounds.

Mahi Mahi or Dorado
Catch from the best herds of Dorado from the Spring to the end of Fall. The colorful Dorados are available from 5-50 pounds during this season.

Yellowfin Tuna
The ideal season to catch the yellowfin tuna is from May to November. Catch the 150 pounders during this time.

Stripped and Blue Marlin
You can set out for the offshore fishing in a chartered boat at Costa Rica to catch the Blue Marlin of around 200-500 pounds from December to March. The Stripped Marlins during this time will weigh around 120-200 pounds maximum.

Cubera Snapper and Amberjack
You can fish these catches throughout the year in the flat waters of Costa Rica.

Therefore, keep a tab on the best time to catch your favorite offshore fishes before visiting Costa Rica. Get a chartered boat and set out for the catch into the calm, deep waters here.

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