What Are Some Of The Different Types Of Fishes You Can Catch In Costa Rica?

nice fishes in costa ricaThere are hundreds of reasons behind why Costa Rica is called the fishing Mecca. Whether you are intending to plan for a fishing trip, deep sea adventures, Snook fishing, fly fishing, inshore and offshore fishing etc, Costa Rica has the perfect natural resources and facilities for you. If sport fishing is your decisive choice, Costa Rica is your ultimate hotspot to experience the best of the adventurous sports fishing.

Costa Rica is adorned with plentiful of flora and fauna. The country is bordered by the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean in the west and in the east respectively. Both the waters nest different species of fishes. You can read out the reports and charters to know about the fishes harvested in these two oceans.

Alongside, the inland country of Central America is a haven for the sweet water fishes too. If you have intentions to catch from the inland rivers and natural lakes, you will not be disheartened at all. Costa Rica has all such provisions that you wonder to explore.

Here are some of the different types of fish in Costa Rica

The hundreds of pounds of Grouper is one of the ideal catches if you are fishing from Los Suenos. You can target across the rocks to get the Groupers. Make sure you are using the tiny cabrilla and organic baits to catch the giant fishes.

catching snook in costa ricaSnook is usually caught from the river mouths or at the tidal estuaries flowing towards the ocean waters. You can try catching the Snooker with live baits using
Snook inhabit tidal estuaries and river mouths flowing into the ocean. They are another bass type fish, ambush predators which lay in wait for a baitfish to swim by sardines and mullet or by using Jigs, Rapalas and Poppers. Snook is really tasty to eat.

Wahoo is known to be one of the fastest fishes in the sea waters that move at a speed of 70 mph. You will enjoy catching the silver and blue fish by running the boat fast by matching its speed.

In the jack family, Amberjack is a sturdy fish. If you are not a physically strong person, it can be complicated for you to give a tough fight with the torpedo-shaped fish that weighs more than 100 lbs.

Also known as Sea Bass, Corvina is an inshore fish. You can also aim the river mouth areas and the estuaries to catch the Corvina. You can find great similarities of this fish with the sea trout, caught from the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern coasts of the US.

We will talk about the other types in a different post. There are just too much to talk about in one post.

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