Top 3 Costa Rican Destinations For Sport Fishing

marlin in costa ricaYou simply can’t afford to miss the adventurous sportfishing in Costa Rica if you a fisherman from heart and soul. People like you with a passion for setting out on the quest to hunt down the largest of these Marlins, ransack the globe to get the best catches from the most amiable waters.

Talking about fishes and water—what can give you the finest of the collaboration other than Central America where both the oceans – the Pacific and the Atlantic are meeting! Luckily, Costa Rica is geographically located at the best of the spots in between these two oceans and is harvesting the best of the water breeds. Hence, if you want to experience the ultimate sports fishing expedition, come to Costa Rica and catch up what you have missed so far!

Here are Costa Rica’s Top Sport Fishing Destinations. Take a look and pick your choice

Manuel Antonio/ Quepos

manuel-antonio-nationalPreviously, Quepos was known as the ‘fishing capital of Costa Rica’. Located an hour to the South from the Los Suenos Resort, Manuel Antonio/Quepos has recently gained back its previous glory with the opening of Mariana Pez Vela in 2012. This new fishing resort is all set to give a tough fight to the Los Suenos Resort.

If you are eager to catch the finest billfishes, then you must target to stop by Quepos. Here, get a fishing calendar offering you the information of when to fish in Costa Rica in details. Besides the flying billfishes, you can catch Marlin, Wahoo, Snapper, Sailfishes and more.

Being a pro fisherman- Quepos will be your ultimate zone to enter the competition for the Offshore World Championship that they are hosting for the last three years. Now make it your turn and enjoy the best of the sports fishing out in Quepos.

Los Suenos Resort & Marina

los suenos jacoThis resort is dominating the rest of the beaches and resort across the enigmatic Costa Rica. Located on the Central Pacific Coast by the Herradura Bay, this crown jewel offers luxurious stay and the perfect fishing packages with the finest charters. Catch the best Sailfish, Dorado, Snapper, Sea Bass, Mackerel, and so on while you are out for the offshore sportfishing in Los Suenos.


costa-rica-tamarindoThe pride of Guanacaste, Tamarindo is one of the classic beach towns of Costa Rica located on the northwest fringes of the beautiful island country. Tamarindo should be on your list if you are wondering to enjoy a great fishing expedition along with a great beach night out. Tamarindo is loved by the romantic couples set out for their adventurous yet romantic journey.
Enjoy gala time fishing in these Costa Rican heavens and enshrine the memories to cherish for the rest of your life!

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