Know Before You Go Deep Sea Fishing In Costa Rica

Explore some of the most interesting facts that you should understand and know before going out for the deep water fishing trips anywhere across the globe.

Do you need a fishing license in Costa Rica?

getting fish on boardIf you are in Costa Rica and looking forward to enjoying an offshore fishing trip, having a license from the Costa Rica Fisheries Institute (INCOPESCA) can keep you in the safer side. This is present in the marinas and docks, so finding it out cannot be that a problem. The country is stringent about many such regulations. The cost for the license is same for both the foreigners and the locals. You can get the license done in advance or can also get one after reaching the place. You must have clear vision about the package costs because many charters include the price for the license, while many don’t. You will have to apply for the license by mentioning the total number of days you will be out for fishing, the place from where you are about to start the voyage and a few extra details required about the foreigners. Click on Costa Rica Fishing License Rates to see the price overview.

On the trips you will be guided by a few great crew members that will  help you whether you are an amateur or a deep sea water fishing expert. Often the expert also needs suggestions about the weather and the nature of the water when he/she is about to go out for an offshore trip at a new and known destination. Alongside they also need the guidelines to locate the best catches all the season-round.

The basic understanding of deep-sea fishing?

This is just the opposite of sitting back in the shores and angling. Deep sea water fishing is a power pact water activity that is usually done at a water depth of 100 meters and in the sea. You can also gauge it when the boats where the anglers are boarded on are not clearly visible from the shores.

Ok. And what is sport-fishing?

Sportfishing is the next level of the deep water sea fishing. During such fish catching session, angling is no less than a competition where the fishermen chase the herds and aim to get hold of the largest catch before the other contenders. This is how they create records and the reports. Sometimes the passionate anglers of the giant fishes also participate in the sportfishing tournaments hosted in for example Quepos Pez Vela Marina and Los Suenos Marina in Costa Rica along with different other ideal deep water fishing hotspots.

What fishing equipment are you using?

fishing equipment for costa rica tripsYou need some extra powerful fishing rods and tackles when you are about to catch fishes in the sea because they are much larger and stronger than the fishes belonging in the freshwaters. Therefore, be sure that the boat you are about to take out for the offshore fishing is boarded with fishing rods, heavy-duty tackles, stronger and high-quality fishing line.
You can opt for both artificial and living bait to trap the ocean fishes. But if you are focusing on the giant fishes, get some squids, minnows, and chunks as baits.

Any precautions to be taken?

If you are going out for a fishing charter of a few days, make sure that there are ample food and drinking water in the boat. Besides, there should be lifejackets, flares, torches, Wi-Fi connected GPS services and a walky-talky to stay connected to the shore.

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