3 Types Of All-Inclusive Fishing Packages In Costa Rica

costa rica tuna fishingIf offshore fishing is your favorite sport and if you wish to experience the best of international fishing vacation, Costa Rica is your ultimate paradise to land. The verdant nature and the thousand miles of coastline welcome the international tourists all across the world looking forward to have a never before offshore, inshore fishing at an international destination.

Resorts, hotels, and different fishing clubs there arrange and offer the all-inclusive fishing packages Costa Rica. Starting from guiding you with the Costa Rica fishing calendar to arranging you the charter boats- they can be a big help before you go for the voyage to fish from the middle of the oceans. Though, you will definitely reach Costa Rica after having clear picture of the catch seasons, otherwise, you may miss out the opportunity to get hold of your favorite Marlin, but if you came into the coast without making any such plans, then also you will not be disappointed because throughout the year there are fishes but yes the seasons are segregated considering their growth and abundance in the waters.

Top 3-types of fishing in Costa Rica you can experience

Offshore Fishing
Anglers from across the globe consider the Costa Rican oceans to be the heaven of billfish, Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo and many more sea fishes. More than the deep seas, the game of offshore fishing is more popular in this area. Get the best catches from the 20-30 miles from the shore here and if you are that lucky, you can catch the giants weighing 250-700 pounds as trophies.

Go away to the waters with your luxury chartered boat facilitated with the latest amenities and technology such as WIFI, telephone, radio to communicate with the weather guy and the team waiting at the shores. Besides you have a kitchen there and a bar full with great wine you can enjoy throughout your days fishing in the heart of the Pacific or the Atlantic.

Inshore Fishing
Inshore fishing will not disappoint a novice either. When you are coming back to the shores, spend some hours in the boat inshore to try getting some beautiful catches starting from the jacks, mackerel, sea bass, prized roosterfish, snook and many more.

You can get a catch in 15 to 45 minutes throughout the year because Costa Rica has the abundance of natural resources, flora, and fauna. Enjoy your holidays. Enjoy inshore fishing at the best here while traveling to the dry rain forest of Guanacaste in the South Pacific and other important beach destinations in Costa Rica.

Quepos Fishing
quepos marina fishing chartersQuepos is the Mecca of sportfishing. This Costa Rican destination hosts the biggest fishing tournament where the finest anglers across the world anchor here with their boats to win the prestigious Quepos Billfish Cup. This 3-day event is the very first Billfish Tournament of Central America and the Offshore World Championship qualifying event of the world.

When you are in Quepos, don’t miss out the all-inclusive fishing packages Costa Rica from the local fishing clubs and resorts. You can get the best catches here along with exploring the spectacular and pristine beaches. Both Quepos and the nearby Manuel Antonio National Park, which is around 2.5 hours from San Jose are considered to the be the sportfishing capital of the land.

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