Top Reasons Why the Idyllic Samara Beach Is One of the Best Sportsfishing Hotspots in Costa Rica

If you are wondering to select your next holidays fishing hotspot, opt for Samara in Costa Rica. samara beach photoThis is one of the finest sportfishing destinations of the Central American country besides the Flamingo, Playa Tamarindo, Coco’s Beach, Potero, Brasilito, Ocotal, Nosara, Garza, and Carillo beach. In Samara, you can experience to catch different species of fishes round the year.
Costa Rica is listed among the top destinations for sports fishing because of the enriched flora and fauna and the thousand miles of the far stretched coastal line of both the Pacific and the Atlantic. Samara is situated in the Northern Pacific Coast of the Guanacaste Province. This is one of the favorite fishing villages for the locals from San Jose and other Costa Rican areas and the foreigners at the same time.

4 Reasons Why You Should Be In Samara

1. If you are wondering to catch the giant Snapper, Dorado, Snook, and Grouper, Samara in Costa Rica is never going to disappoint you. This Central American sportfishing paradise preserves a wide array of the deepwater fishes that you intend to catch.

2. You would love being in the Samara waters to experience different ways of exciting deep sea fishing techniques such as bottom fishing, trolling and jigging. Whatever may be your process, all you will receive is the 100% enjoyment while out sportsfishing in Samara.

3. The Samara fishing reports are always good. You can get to know more about these current or the last year’s fishing trips online. These are the articles based and video documentation of the fishing trips and the success stories of the fishermen who went there and created a record of their catch. You will notice that you will only find positive reports about fishing in the Samara area.
The record is created considering the size and weight of the fishes caught. Therefore, if your luck favors, your catch can also challenge the last big catch in the Samara waters.

4. While coming back towards the beach from the offshore fishing, you can spend some hours inshore fishing too. Here, you can also get a   decent amount of catches running here and there across the coasts.

man fishingRemember to hire a full day or half day boat before you get to Costa Rica. Fishing operators offer you a bilingual guide, a boat equipped with all the required fishing equipment, GPS activation, food, and drinks.

Visit Samara for a great fishing trip and get the fervor of the Costa Rican offshore and inshore fishing experience.

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