The 3 Hottest Destinations On Earth For Sportsfishing

big catch in quepos costa ricaOur planet is blessed with multiple hotspots that are ideal for sports fishing. Withstanding all the geographical barriers, passionate anglers go beyond their limits to catch their favorite fishes from the salt waters of the popular seas and oceans across the globe. It is not that they are alone with the maddening spirit to go on the trips in the waters, they have competitors, and that’s why every year they flock in several sports fishing tournaments arranged in the deep sea fishing paradises throughout the planet.

Here we have a list of the 3 hottest destinations on the earth that you simply can’t afford to miss if you have a true passion for the deep sea fishing.


One of the finest havens for fishing on Earth. Florida is never going to disappoint you. This US destination is popular for its divergent and great fisheries in both saltwater and freshwater. You can take your family for the vacation trip as well because, besides fishing, Florida is an iconic destination for the famous Disneyworld, Miami nightlife, Epcot, etc. Hence, this is a perfect place for an ideal vacationing and fishing as well.

Get the best Florida guides from the internet and the fishing reports from the websites of the famous fishing clubs and resorts. This is how you can have a clear idea of the guides and fishes to catch in this sportfishing wonderland in the US.

You can’t miss out fishing at the Boca Grande area Goliath Grouper, reef fishing near the Dry Tortugas at the Key West area, Miami/Everglades Bass Fishing, etc.

Costa Rica

costa rica vacations are the bestThe Central American sports fishing paradise is the perfect destination to catch the Tuna, Grouper, Roosterfish, Wahi Wahi, etc. As both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans are meeting in this beautiful country, the region is blessed with the opulence of marine animals and especially the fishes. You can set out for deep sea water fishing as well as freshwater fishing in Costa Rica. Panama, Puerto Vallarta, Quepos Fishing Marina, Tarpon on the Caribbean area, etc. are some of the hottest destinations to get the finest catches.

Mexico Baja

Baja Norte and Baja Sur are the ideal Mexican fishing destinations. You can catch Yellowtail, Rockfish, White Seabass, Lingcod, Pacific Barracuda, California Halibut, Calico Bass, Bonito Sand Bass, etc. Summer is the ideal time for the migratory fishes, but the opulence of Rockfish and Lingcod is always there.

Besides all these three destinations we have highlighted above, you shouldn’t miss out your explorations at the Australia, Amazon, Belize, Puerto Rico, South Pacific, and so on.

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