5 Reasons Why Papagayo Is Ideal To Catch The Trophy Sized Fishes

golfo de papagayo fishingWhether you are a newbie or a pro fisherman, you will desire to catch the biggest fish as a trophy. There are various places across the globe ensuring the biggest catches. Florida, Guatemala, Gulf of Mexico, Spain, Thailand, etc are some of the finest and the top listed destinations ideal for the sports fishing and inshore or offshore fishing.

But when it comes to Costa Rica and particularly of the Guanacaste beaches, fishing is not only an adventurous sport for you! Rather you will get awestruck with the opulence, the enigmatic nature, the favorable waters and the fantastic ambiance there while fishing.

Here are the  the top 5 reasons Why Papagayo Is An Ideal Area To Fish…

1. Among various beaches like Quepos/ Manuel Antonio, Los Suenos, Tamarindo etc, Papagayo towards the North Pacific is also one of the hottest fishing destinations for harboring the quality and quality of Trophy sized fishes in the Guanacaste coasts.

2. Offering the best facilities and the Papagayo Costa Rica Fishing Charters, fishermen from all around the world enjoy offshore and onshore fishing here. You will have various options to get the charters. Starting from the individual fishing packages to the all-inclusive vacation tours- you will love investing in the facilities when in Papagayo.

roosterfish in cr3. If you are longing to catch the largest Roosterfish, the Gulf of Papagayo nests the best herds of Roosterfish all throughout the year. All you need to take is the living bet to catch the largest ones out there during the offshore fishing in the saltwater.

4. It is not only that the mesmerizing Gulf of Papagayo harbors only the Roosterfishes, this is the homeland of many non-migratory fishes as well as a temporary nest for many migratory ones as well. Catch the Marlins, Sailfishes, and Roosterfishes all seasons! Moreover, as dolphins are dominating these areas- you luckily grab the Yellow Tuna, Wahoo etc.

roosterfish in cr papagayo5. The Bat islands towards the north of the Gulf of Papagayo are considered favorable and finest across the globe for harvesting the Blue Marlin. Hundred pounds of Marlins have been caught from this area. But the best of those can come in front of you in from December-April. You can grab the rarest tripped Marlins during this time at Papagayo.

These are the all 5 reasons in front of you for choosing Papagayo fishing if you are keen in catching the largest fishes in Costa Rica.

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