Costa Rica Culture: Since the Spanish Colonization Until Today

costa-rica-cultureVerdant isles, breathtaking nature, Azul water, pristine and far stretched white sand beaches, and beautiful smiling faces everywhere define Costa Rica. Today, this amazing Central American country is a home of the pre-Hispanic natives as well as many across the globe migrated here to start a fresh new life or pura vida in the heart of nature. If you are looking forward to take a trip to Costa Rica, get prepared with a few information including the people and Costa Rica culture out there.

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4 Must-See Destinations In Costa Rica For A Memorable Vacation

costa-rica-frog-on-leafAre you all set to plan for your holidays this winter? Then why not Costa Rica! If you want to enjoy the enigmatic tropical climate clubbed with awe-inspiring flora and fauna, this Central American destination can be your ultimate hot spot this Christmas.

Want to know more? Then take a quick look at the top 4 destinations that must be in your Costa Rica vacations list.

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Samara Vacations From A Tourist’s Diary

nice beach in samaraThe Guanacaste beaches never disappoint vacationers. In fact, the tourists here may not get the opportunity to receive the 100% the beach destinations offer. Samara is one of the most visited coastal destinations towards the North Pacific in Costa Rica. Though the place is famous for Samara fishing trip Costa Rica but there are much more to explore in this beautiful horseshoe beach destination.

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5 Things To Do During Your Vacation In Nosara

picture of costa rica nosara beachAre you planning your vacation at Nosara in the Guanacaste beaches of Costa Rica? Then you are the on lucky chap this year! For the ultimate fun and a great holiday- Nosara is one of the most chosen beaches for those coming to Costa Rica. Besides several beach activities, there are lots to explore and experience in this Guanacaste beach by the North Pacific in Costa Rica.
Here are the top 5 Things To Do when you are vacationing in Nosara.

Among the hundreds of options, we have trickily shortlisted 5 Things-to-do in Nosara. Here, is the list for you.

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3 Hottest Things To Do At The Nosara Beach

nosara things to doNosara, located on the Pacific coast can be your ultimate idyllic getaway from the daily hullabaloo of the city life. If you want to taste the flavor of Malibu, Byron Bay in Australia or the Oahu’s North Shore at the same place, you should go to the Nosara beach in Costa Rica.

This Central American hotspot is loved by the international travelers for the warm welcome they receive from the people here. They can explore the exclusive delicacies of the region that have its unique taste and a deep influence of the Spanish culture apart from enjoying the place with lots of activities.

In this post we have enlisted the top 3 things to do at the Nosara Beach.

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3 Surefire Activities You Can’t Miss In Costa Rica

If you are a nature lover, then enjoy adventurous activities then missing out Costa Rican vacation can be one of your greatest regrets. Costa Rica colorPlan your next tour to Costa Rica to explore the paradise blessed with rainforests, far-stretched coastal lines of both the Pacific and the Atlantic, Caribbean coasts, volcanoes and spectacular natural resources. Hike, sports fish offshore and inshore, horse ride here for the days you will be residing in Costa Rica.

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Why Travel To Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is full of adventure. You can basically travel to anywhere in the country and enjoy the diverse scenery Costa Rica has to offer. People from all over the world travel to Costa Rica to enjoy the natural environment. There are so many national parks here that you can visit and meet animals like … Read more